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Challenges for Engineering Teams Today

Challenges for Engineering Teams Today

Engineering teams face inherently difficult problems. The amount of data and the complexity of the problems lead to disconnected solutions and a decision-making process that is often top down. Engineers are typically problem solvers. We often prefer to solve problems on our own and hate meetings that we think are wasting our time.

Unfortunately, most meetings do little more than restate a problem and then assign tasks for people to work on until the next meeting.

To work as a team and solve problems requires that we address the issues with how we interact.

Problem 1

Lack of Structure – Many meetings waste time due to a lack of focus and agenda.

Problem 2

Complexity – Standalone software like Zoom or Teams does not integrate well with engineering data to make it easy for teams to collaborate remotely.

Problem 3

Too Much Data – We need software that is easy to use and tailored to our needs to see specific KPIs and reference material quickly.

Problem 4

Disconnected Teams and Data – We need a solution that is the focal point of the meeting, not a way for us to solely see each other remotely. Screen sharing and whiteboards are nice but for true collaboration, we need to see the data and interact with it even when we are not in the same room.

So how do we do this...?

Engage, Reveal, and Improve


We need to simplify live team interaction no matter where or how people work. We need to communicate in more natural ways, so teams prefer to work together to solve problems.


We need to visualize 3D content and data in a digital lean framework that will allow us to capture the intelligence and knowledge of our team members.


We need to enable action in real time. Do not assign a task, solve a problem. Make this lean decision-making process part of the culture. Have productive meetings that solve problems rather than simply defining tasks.


We have all been in meetings that we know are going nowhere. Let us show you a better way with integrated engineering tools and lean digital environments to increase productivity. You may even look forward to the next meeting.

If you would like to continue this discussion, please reach out to us or visit our webpage at

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